Time Tracking – Real time Project Management

Many clients are asking me to update the costs on their project. If you are on an hourly rate rather than a pre-quoted fixed cost, the hours can stack up really quickly, much like the tab at a bar 🙂

I have devised a really easy and quick way to keep my clients in the loop regarding costs… and it’s free. It is not a complex piece project management software that takes ages to learn, but merely a spreadsheet on my Google Drive with a URL that I share with my client, so as long as they keep that URL somewhere, they can click on it at any time and see how much their project is costing.

Below is an example of the timesheet / cost spreadsheet. As you can see it is broken down detailing the project, description of the task, a task breakdown each with their own hourly rates (artworking, design, illustration, retouching, admin), the time and related cost


If you feel you would benefit having this kind of service, please let me know and I will set it up for you.

If you would rather send a PO and I draw down from that, that kind of project tracking can be set up as well