Stragglers Ranelagh Juniors Tee Shirts

Stragglers Ranelagh Juniors Tee Shirts

design of stragglers ranelagh junior tee shirt

The actual design

Hi all,

If you would like to order any of these great Stragglers Ranelagh Tee shirts, you can do so by emailing the manufacturers directly and paying them by bank transfer, and then notifying Merran who will pick them up and hand them to you at the next Junior Handicap race.

Cost: £14 each

Email Robb at Upper & Lower – His email address is at the link below

If ordering for a club, the club colours are:
Stragglers – Sun yellow
Ranelagh – Royal blue
Flaming Penguins – Kelly green

And then notify Merran that you have paid and she will collect. Her email is below


If you would like to have a particular colour for your school/team/club let Upper and Lower and Merran know which colour you would like so that no-one else chooses that colour.  Otherwise you can have any colour you like apart from the ones above unless you are part of one of those team.

If you are not part of a club, you can order any of the colours below:

Jet black, oxford navy, french navy, sapphire blue, sky blue, purple, charcoal, fire red, hot pink.


Sizes are as follows: