As I get more and more creative requests outside of my skillset, I have had to contact people with the necessary experience to take my designs to whatever medium the client wants.

As a result I have solid contacts for the following creative services

WEBSITES (Muse and WordPress mainly)

I do the design, prep the web-ready assets. (This website is WordPress powered). I outsource any code and e-commerce to the coding specialists… I am petrified of code!


Although I can dabble in After Effects and animation in Photoshop, I have a few contacts who are really hot at this stuff


I have one of the best in the business just up the road from me. Fraser Metcalf of VIC Creative is one of the best copywriters I have had the privilege of working with


As much as I love the technical side to artworking, all too often I am too busy to do ALL the artworking, so I often outsource work to a trusted freelancing few. I oversee all aspects of the artwork and quality control before it goes to the client. This can be beneficial to the client as outsourced artworking has a lower hourly rate then I.