My first grown up WordPress website! LISC

Well finally after 150 plus hours of intense through the night Skype calls, weekends, nights, redoing sitemaps, upgrading content, attempting to break the Enfold Theme’s code, tears, blood, sweat, 16000 Trello Lists and a bit of Saffie’s labradoodle saliva (my client’s dog 🙂 we are live on the shiny new London International Tutorial College’s WordPress CMS website.

Not out of the woods yet, lots more to do and more fancy stuff to add, but the bare bones are there. Many thanks to my clients, Grazyna ‘can you move it up by 1 pixel’ Sutherland, Suzie and Andrew and the BEST most affable WordPress Guru on the planet, Slade from SladeStyle, without whom I don’t think this behemoth of a website would have even made it off the ground!

If anybody else wants a fully functional CMS WordPress website… feel free to NOT ask me! :-)) I need some sleep! ;-p