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Stragglers 2016 pub crawl

“Come Rest Ye Merry Assembled Ladies and Gentlemen” Here it is – after extensive research and consultation the 2016 Xmas Pub Crawl This year’s route covers both sides of the Thames and starts at 7.30 from The Anglers in Teddington and goes over to Ham and on to Richmond via Teddington Lock. With approximately 30mins […]

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Football Mickey kicks off

A collaborative creative effort between myself and Fraser Metcalf has finally come to fruition in the form of Football Mickey – a website that shares fun footy animations – between 5-10 seconds, ridiculing and congratulating events or results in the world of football. We will be working tirelessly to get together as many animations as […]

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A Quick fun animation of my drawing and signature

Eye animation – just for fun

Did this animation about 2 years ago and just stumbled upon it again now…. One day I want to do a proper big animation in this style… sketch something and frame by frame remove the image (so rub it out essentially), then reverse the frames in photoshop and voila, a cool animation

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2013 Stragglers Pub Crawl Map

Yep, Xmas is approaching, so the annual Stragglers Pub Crawl is upon us. Nick Brown and Roy Reeder have done their usual organising and have devised the route and schedule. I have put onto this printable map Download the jpeg by clicking HERE

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perseverance cards

Perseverance Cards

I have illustrated and designed a range of well wishing cards for people who are training for, or have completed any kind of sporting or endurance event (Marathons, Ironman, triathlons, charity road races). They need motivation, they need congratulated on achieving and completing… show them you are behind them every step of the way and send […]

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Felix Baumgartner

He did well didn’t he? What a brave dude! Just a little fun, this 5 min illy 😉 Luckily he wasn’t so high, gravity ceased to work!

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