Bio – Evan Bond

Evan Bond towel ad

Jacqui and I were in a lot of ads as kids. Blonde haired brother/sister kids were popular.

About me

Hmmm, my bio. OK, was born in a little known country called Rhodesia. I then moved to the relatively safer country of South Africa where I grew up, learnt how to draw and run (I wasn’t a thief… I just like to run.) I then decided to relocate to the undoubtedly safer Great Britain where I reside today with my wife and child.

I have drawn prolifically since the day I could pick up a crayon, mostly due to a large chunk of my childhood being spent with my Dad in Ad Agencies and having layout pads, clapped out markers and yellowy cracked sheets of letraset thrown in front of me to keep me occupied. I loved it! Knew the difference between Helvetica and Arial by the age of 6!

Turned that skill of drawing to those wonderful Adobe packages and now after 16 years of playing in Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark and InDesign, I am now fluent in draw, design, retouch and suchlike.

In rugby or football they have the guys they call ‘Utility players’. Players that can play competently in various positions… That’s a pretty accurate way you could describe me in the creative field.

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